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Carlson Orthopedic Clinic

Why choose Carlson?

The staff at Carlson Orthopedic Clinic are dedicated to providing the highest quality of orthopedic care in a patient-centered environment.


Carlson Orthopedic Clinic - State of the Art Care

State-of-the-Art Care

At Carlson Orthopedic Clinic, we pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art facilities. We've got you covered for all of your orthopedic needs.


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Office Hours

Monday - Friday
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Dr. Mark Carlson - Carlson Orthopedic Clinic

Carlson Orthopedic Clinic is a patient-centered complete orthopedic care facility. We strive to practice the art of medicine by establishing meaningful patient-doctor relationships, which means we listen to our patients, examine the affected area, define their problem, and offer solutions. Most diagnostic testing, such as x-ray, ultrasound, MR, and bone density exams, can be conveniently completed on site. Physical therapy assessment and treatment, orthotics and braces, and osteoporosis care are also offered.

Dr. Carlson, a native of Rockford, completed his undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and his medical degree at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. He received his orthopedic surgery training at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem and Maimonides Medical Center in New York. He has practiced orthopedics in Rockford since 1986. A leader and innovator in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Carlson performed Rockford's first arthroscopic shoulder and knee reconstructions, hand, wrist, and elbow arthroscopy, endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, hip arthroscopy, and is accomplished in both biologic and prosthetic joint reconstruction. Dr. Carlson believes that the best way to provide the proper treatment for his patients is to be skilled in all the available non operative and operative options, and then educate his patients to help them choose an appropriate course of treatment.



Patient Services

  • Physical Therapy +

    The well-trained staff of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants at Carlson Orthopedic Clinic has a wide range of education
  • Open MRI +

    The primary difference in an open MRI versus a standard MRI is the amount of space around you. With an
  • Billing & Insurance +

    Carlson Orthopedic Clinic appreciates the opportunity to provide outstanding orthopaedic care to our patients. We are dedicated to providing the
  • X-Ray +

    Our x-ray system utilizes direct radiography (DR) that provides a film-less environment. This allows us to burn images to CD
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